Agent Dash : App Review



Agent Dash : App Review

Have you ever played “Temple run”? Well, I am pretty sure that you must have played it, still I had to ask because being a heavily resource hungry game, it cannot be played smoothly on devices from lower or mid-segments. Well, if you do poses a device which cannot bear the load of “Temple Run”, run, the perfect replacement for it is here.

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Although its not as famous as “Angry Birds” (as yet), this game is sure to add some spice in your mobile games collection. The game is developed by a company named  ”Full Fat”!

Full Fat is known for a number of gaming apps like NFL Flick Quarterback, Flick Soccer and Flick Golf. Its latest installment, Agent Dash is an action packed game that will make you experience the thrills of a super agent. From the looks of it, it certainly seems to be a tough competitor to the well known game Temple Run.

The Plot and the goodies

Agent Dash, just like Temple Run, is an endless runner game in which you destroy a number of villainous bases using your secret agent skills while running through different environments. On the way you are supposed to collect gems which in turn enable you to buy gadgets. These gadgets help your agent when the going gets tough.

Among the gadgets available you will certainly enjoy using magnets that attract gems to you for a short time and the jet pack that boosts your running speed. Powers like Air Drop and Slow-Mo are also available as single use up powers and are expensive to buy but are super fun to use.

Graphics and Game play

The exotic backgrounds through which the agent runs are bright, colorful and perfectly complement the plot of the game. The 3D graphics used by the game are smooth and good. The graphics of the agent running, jumping and sliding are good. The graphics along with the audio offer an immersive experience.

The plot advancement is steady with increasing difficulty as levels progress. Gems become increasingly difficult to collect in the higher levels of the game. Falling trees, lasers, trucks and toxic waste increase the difficult of the level and keeps you on your toes. One second lapse of concerntration and your agent is history. In certain tricky and/or tough situations you can call your back up agent for help. The wide spectrum of weapons that one can buy and use make this game exciting and fun to play. In certain scenarios you pull a trigger to destroy the base and escape as the building crumbles behind you. With 10 agents to unlock this game will certainly keep you busy for a long time.

Overall Verdict

A well planted plot, good graphics and audio, an immersive game play and the most important of all, free to download, makes Agent Dash a must have app on your smart phone.


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