Top 3 Android Applications To Download YouTube Videos



Top 3 Android Applications To Download YouTube Videos

No matter which video becomes a rage on YouTube, we all rush to download it, even though we don’t like it. We all use various websites as well as software to download YouTube videos on our desktops but what do you do when it comes to smartphone?

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So just like in one of my post, where I explained how to download YouTube videos on desktops, in this post, I am going to tell you about three Android applications which can be used to download YouTube videos on Android smartphones. So without waiting much, let us start.


If we are listing applications for downloading videos off YouTube, then this app tops the list without any close competitor. The application is free to use and can be downloaded from either Google Play or via its own website (links given at the bottom of the page). The TubeMate app provides an easy way to watch, save, share or download YouTube videos. The most impressive feature about this app is the download speed. This feature gives it an edge over other similar applications. The TubeMate uses fast download mode i.e. it uses multiple connections for downloading a video resulting in higher downloading speed.

The downloading can be paused, resumed, sent to background while you are surfing internet or doing some other things with your smartphone. TubeMate supports all the resolutions offered by YouTube, which is surely another plus point of this application. Using TubeMate you can also convert the downloaded videos in another formats like MP3. So for all the YouTube junkies, this app is a must.


The Keepvid app received its share of limelight when the TubeMate developers took their app off the Google Play store for some unknown reasons. The app is also backed by its website which users can use to download YouTube videos from their desktops. You can download and even playback the video in HD mode.

Just like TubeMate, Keepvid too lets users share videos with their friends. The HD videos can be downloaded in different formats which is a plus one for this app. The Keepvid runs smoothly on any version of Android starting from 1.6.


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