Complete Hydroid Build Warframe Guide 2020



Complete Hydroid Build Warframe Guide 2020

WarframeHydroid Build

Warframe Hydroid Build is one of the best Warframes that has the quality of a sea captain or a mighty pirate with tremendous power to control the ocean. He is a great Warframe who not only farm resources but also masters in disabling the rivals by causing multiple damages. 

How to get Hydroid Build?

 Warframe Hydroid Build can be obtained by doing missions like Oro on the Earth. On this planet, you should face Vay Hek and defeat him with your ability strength. However, purchasing Hydroid’s Blueprint which costs 50000 credits in the orbiter. As explained on Warframe Mag, the Hydroid Build has some best builds to battle in the warframe.

Hydroid Build Abilities

Hydroid Build has some special abilities that send down watery projectiles, drowning foes by shifting into the pool and ravaging rivals with Hydroid’s creatures in depth. The passive skill of Hydroid is Deep Tendril. Below are some of the abilities to deal with the battleground.

  • Tempest Barrage
  • Tidal Surge
  • Undertow
  • Tentacle Swarm

Best Hydroid Builds

Warframe Hydroid Build

Pilfering Swarm Build

The Pilfering Swarm Duration is most loved Warframe build which mainly concentrates on Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm ability for farming groups and forces foes to drop extra loot. With this Hydroid, the Tentacle Swarm deals a great amount of damage that can last longer in either high-level or low-level missions. The ability Tempest barrage will permit the Hydroid to have a long duration that can be cast to handle the high-level rivals.

The Tidal Surge is used for boosting the speed of the build and will provide fast movement for reaching his final destination. Furthermore, Undertow is used for balancing when there is an efficiency lack. Hence, the Pilfering Swarm Duration Hydroid Build is considered one of the best Build for farming resources in warfare. 

Corroding Barrage Balanced Build

With the ability Tempest Storm, Hydroid is a deadlier Warframe build that can be used to deal with the damage. The Corroding Barrage Hydroid Build mainly focuses on balancing the ability which affects stats to cast an efficiency. Also, the corroding build is used for dealing with a good amount of damages with his ability strength. Overall, the abilities with the corroding build will increase efficiency, duration, range, and strength.

Undertowing Hydroid Build

Undertow is one of the abilities of Hydroid which is pretty fun to use in the game. This Hydrodi build is more useful. But, if you get a solid build, then you can deal with the harm that is produced by your enemies. Once you press 3 and hold it for a few moments, your Build can be transformed into a puddle of water and traps the enemies who walk on your path. Overall, the Undertowing Hydroid build is more beneficial to defeat the warriors in the battleground.


Hydroid is a great Warframe Build for handling a decent amount of damage by disabling and bombarding foes with watery abilities. If you are the one who seeks to farm groups, know good sports to succeed in your missions. Hydroid is the best Warframe capable of dealing with various enemies where most Warframes would be overspread.

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