illuminati kodi repository taken down after series of strikes



illuminati kodi repository taken down after series of strikes

In our previous article, we saw how ACE strikes kodi repositories to shatter the user base of kodi. In this article, we will see about the second strike of ACE on Kodi. Before entering into the article, let me say about the first strike. Due to the advancement in technology, lots of users are switching to IPTV services from the cable TV providers. And due to this shifting trend lot of user switched to streaming devices like amazon firestick, chromecast, and Roku. All these are big brands and they dominated the streaming industry. In addition to this, Amazon video is also dominating the streaming world in series, Tv shows, and movies. Other competitors are Netflix, HBO and lot more.

Though they are competitors, they are not enemies. There is a common enemy for all the above big tech giants. It’s not a big brand but it’s a streaming player, which can stream all their paid content for free. Kodi is a simple media player but with the addons, you can change the kodi to the best streaming player in this world. And depending on the addon, it can stream any of the available contents. Kodi has a large user base. And the best part is you can install it most of the devices. This is one of the main deciding factors in kodi user base. Since it provides support to a large number of devices, the user base is growing rapidly.

Well, to be frank, kodi is one of the easiest methods to stream all this content for free. So all the big brands started to target Kodi. With the prime aim of destroying kodi, they formed a group called ACE. And they filed a lot of lawsuits against kodi and sued it.  As kodi community is made of developers and users, who don’t have much influence as the ACE. Finally, kodi starts to crumble. Its a long fight between kodi and ACE. And finally lots of repositories were shut down and lots of famous addons were removed.

But surprisingly a lot of repositories has a backup in other repositories. And it does not affect the functionality of the addons. It took some time for ACE to find this. And as the second stage, they started targeting developers. Developers are the backbone of kodi community. They are the one who changed normal media player to the worlds best streaming player. ACE started targeting developers personally.

One of the most important developers, Mr. Blamo, removed his addons and leaves the community says kodi has no future. He is the developer of Exodus, Neptune rising, and co-developer of URL resolver. This had made a dent in the kodi community. And others developers of the Illuminati repository, colossus repo, Noobs and nerds repository were targeted. As the result, they shut down their repository.

This is how Illuminati kodi repository taken down after series of strikes. So as a kodi user you need to keep your knowledge updated. So here is a takeaway for you, latest working kodi repo list. Hope this article is clear and informative.

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