Kodi faces major threat due to illegal streaming of sports and live tv channels



Kodi faces major threat due to illegal streaming of sports and live tv channels

As a kodi user, we all may know that kodi is mostly used to stream Live sports and Live TV channels, in particular, PPV matches. All these content are paid contents. Streaming those contents for free is illegal. A lot of big brands are earning in millions due to live sports industry. And Kodi is one of the main reason for streaming all these contents for free. So most of the leaders in the industry are targetting kodi. Kodi is the app which provides all the paid content for free.

And to shake the user base of kodi, all the leaders in the streaming industry are planning to take down kodi. So they formed a community known as the ACE. ACE targets kodi developers and repositories. And they made a lawsuit of the most of the famous developers and repositories group. As a result of this, a lot of repo had shut down. And some of the developers had faced lots of personal problems. One such developer is Mr. Blamo, he is the developer of Exodus and Neptune Rising. In addition to this, he is also the co-developer of URL Resolver. And he is the mastermind between most of the kodi development.

Like this lot of lawsuit was made on most of the famous repositories. And as the result, most of the repositories has been shut down. The developers had no other way. One of the most used Ares repositories was shut down in this strike. During the time of shutdown, it has 1 million active users. And other famous repo includes illumanati repo, smash, colossus and lot more. All these are a most used repository with a large user base.

Effect of this strike on Kodi

Fortunately, this strike does have much effort on kodi. Luckily lots of addons have a backup in other repositories. And some smart repo has the important backup in other repositories. Like Ares repo the important files in the kodil repository. You can access those files. As long as those files are present, the addons work fine and you can stream all the files. So it was fine for a while. And after a while due to the personal strikes, a lot of this backup was made to remove. This is where the kodi crumbles. After this addons stopped working one by one. Though lots of new addons available, the community was shattered.

Kodi is back with a bang!

After this tragic attack, kodi is back. The kodi developers had released two alpha version which was a failure. With consistent hard work, they had released a new beta version of kodi named Leia. You can find some of the working addons listed here for the Leia version.  And during this time kodi build taken over the addons. The build has all the features of kodi addons. And a single build has a lot of addons integrated into it. So to escape from this issue start using kodi builds.

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