Having Problem Waking Up Early? Make It Pleasant With This Android App



Having Problem Waking Up Early? Make It Pleasant With This Android App

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With more than thousands apps are getting piled every day on Android market, Android is speedily heading towards the number one place. As we previously reported, more than 850,000 devices are activated every day carrying Android under their hood. So naturally this makes app development for Android more lucrative as there are millions of possible customers present.

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Last time we covered two apps, one was for Android, which allowed users to record all their smartphone activity and another was for iPhone users which was developed for couples having long distance relationship.

This time we are here with yet another Android app which will make waking up early in the morning a pleasant experience. Though multiple alarm apps are present in Android market, they all offer basic functionalities. The “Sleep as Android” app brings you a much sophisticated version of these alarm apps as it implements various tried and tested methods to provide optimum sleep to you and wakes you up very gently.

This app allows users to track their sleeping habits as well as sleeping cycles and wakes them up gradually by playing natural sounds. The developers of “Sleep as Android” claim that they have implemented scientific research while developing this app and thus this app can study users’ sleeping patterns and wakes them up when they are in shallow sleep.

The app sports a decent interface as it should for its related to our sleep. The application is also loaded with various sophisticated features such as graphs. It provides various graphs by taking your sleeping history into consideration. You can do much more things with such graphs such as sharing on Facebook, tracking your sleeping history against natural sounds played by it and so on. One thing that must be noted is that it really has pleasing sounds to wake you up.

Currently the app is only available for Android device and no word has reached us about other versions. The app will cost you less than couple of dollars and is available on Google Play, but if you want to trial it first then you can download trial version too, which will last for two weeks.


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