Have Your Own Metal Detector In Pocket – Metal Sniffer App For Android



Have Your Own Metal Detector In Pocket – Metal Sniffer App For Android

Metal Sniffer App for Android

In past couple of years, smartphones have evolved at huge rate; both in terms of hardware and software or applications. Android having the largest collection of apps, is leading the operating system market. Reportedly Android is receiving more than 850,000 activations per day, which is really great achievement for it’s mother company, Google. While there are many innovative apps arriving play store daily basis, today we also have metal detector apps for android. Let’s check in detail about these metal detector apps.

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In past few months, we reviewed many different apps for different operating systems (Check out our app galary) but mostly of Android. Today too, we are about to review one app that is really fun to use and can be really useful in number of situations. Have you ever fancied all those metal detectors used by police department or security personnel? The idea behind this app is based on that!

The app called as “Metal Sniffer” does exactly the same thing, detecting metal. But this time it’s your smartphone which will be used to sense metal instead any other hardware, pretty cool isn’t it? Most Android devices are capable of sensing metal things, a part of information which had me totally surprised and I am sure you must be in the same state of mild shock. All the apps developed previously for the purpose couldn’t duplicate the usability of a dedicated metal detector due to various reasons.

The Metal Sniffer is created by one of the member of XDA group and unlike all the apps in past, it has compatibility with almost all the latest versions of Android, including ICS. One more advantage it possesses over other similar apps present on Google Play is it’s free of any kind of ads; which is a huge plus point in my opinion because I don’t bother to download apps littered with ads.

The Metal Sniffer has a decent, tidy and easy-to-use interface and offers impressive features. It can store all the information gathered in CSV file for later use. Using Metal Sniffer, you can detect the metal and its strength which adds real value to this app. Another impressive feat this app has achieved is detection of metal even through wall which means you can now safely perform household works like drilling walls.


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