New kodi Leia version complete features and overview



New kodi Leia version complete features and overview

A happy news for Kodi community, a new version of kodi is released. It nearly took 2 years to develop and release this version.  The final beta version was released a month ago after two alpha version. We had been using this new version of kodi since then. So today we are going to share some of the cool features and drawbacks of kodi 18 version. One of the common questions on the user mind is why kodi has to be updated? Is there a better version of kodi 17?

Why you should update your kodi?

These are some of the questions on the user mind. According to some of the user, kodi 17 is still the best version. Kodi 17 has achieved a milestone as the best media streaming player. Though on seeing this on developer point of view, kodi 17 a lot of flaws. If you are using kodi 17 for a while, you might notice some of the flaws in kodi 17. One of the main flaws I faced while using kodi 17 was, it cant perform multitasking. Luckily this flaws was rectified in kodi 18. Follow to this guide to know how to update kodi on pc

New updates in Kodi Leia

In a similar way, there are lots of flaws in kodi 17. in Kodi 17, all the scripts are dependent on one other. In other words, no script can perform without the help of others. This is the main reason for script failed kodi error and failed to install dependencies kodi error. But in kodi 18 this problem was resolved by making the script as the standalone installer.  In kodi Leia all the scripts are stand-alone, and it doesn’t need the help of any other scrip to perform.

These are the some of the major updates in kodi Leia if you think your kodi krypton is slow, you might try Leia version. But even though it has more stable than the krypton version. it has some flaws.

Drawbacks of Kodi Leia

Since all the scrips are stand-alone if any of the scripts is corrupted, you need to reinstall kodi. This is one of the major drawbacks in kodi 18. But some developers have stated, it won’t make to that state. Since it has an individual script for each and every function, the size of the software increases. It will be a great concern if the device has low fixed internal storage.

Kodi Leia is capable of performing multi-tasking, in other words, it consumes memory(RAM) for performing different tasks. If too many tasks are running on kodi Leia, it will become unresponsive and sometimes it slows downs the device. So you need to update the kodi based on the device you are using. Make sure to take a backup before updating kodi. If you don’t like the new version, revert back and enjoy the old version.

There are some of the advantages and disadvantages of updating your kodi. Hope this article is informative. If you are facing any problem do comment below.

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