ProTube App – Complete YouTube Experience For iPhone Users



ProTube App – Complete YouTube Experience For iPhone Users

ProTube App

Even though we can watch YouTube videos on your iPhone using browser like Safari, it doesn’t let us save or download the video for later viewing. If some of you can recall the apps those were provided with first generation iPhone you might as well remember that native app for YouTube which had many awesome features other apps didn’t have at that time.

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Now we are in 5th generation of iPhone but some things still haven’t changed. Apple still ships devices carrying iOS with the same app that it used to deliver in first generation. So to remedy all the drawbacks exhibited by this native app, iOS developer Jonas Gassner has created a new app known as “ProTube”. The app has every other feature which according to Jonas should present in all the apps related to YouTube.

According to the developer Jonas, the ProTube has everything what iOS native YouTube app should have comprised of and many new yet essential features providing more pleasing user experience.

You can do many things with ProTube. To start with few, you can comment, like, or watch any video on YouTube. The interesting part here is, you can even watch the videos in HD too! You can also manage your account and save more than hundreds of videos for offline viewing. Now that’s what we call an impressive feature, isn’t it?

Another new yet important feature ProTube offers is you can choose to save just the audio of any video posted in YouTube. This feature extracts audio file from the chosen video and saves it in MP3 format which makes ProTube a perfect app for music lovers. All the saved files are stored in proper way and can be deleted or renamed using standard gestures defined by Apple. The ProTube also offers you to attach any video to email you are sending; making sharing content with people even easier.

The feature which I liked most is built-in ad blocker. So if some video has stupid ads popping out from all over, with this app you may not even get a hint about it making your video experience wonderful and possibly ads-free. Seeing the current trend, Jonas has included the AirPlay feature in this small yet powerful app enabling users to stream their favorite videos directly to TV.

The ProTube can be purchased at $1.49 from Big Boss repository and is compatible with iOS 4 and above. One thing that you might want to remember is ProTube is designed only for jailbroken devices and thus downloading this app makes sense only if you have jailbroken device.


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