Record All Your Android Mobile Activity With Friday App: HOW TO



Record All Your Android Mobile Activity With Friday App: HOW TO

Have you ever felt insecure while handing your phone to any security personnel or even to your friend? Scared of anyone making blank calls or messages to someone from your contact list while you are not attentive on your Android phone? Well, everyone has that fear that someone will make abuse of our cell phone and it might complicate the situation with the person to whom, calls or messages have been made without your intention.

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But now you can relax as a new application has been developed to keep track of all the activities taking place on an Android phone. The application is known as Friday App, weird name for such a lovely app, eh? The application can record complete call history as well as message history and as if it was less, the application even lets you record all the activity related to your gallery or other mobile data and location, now that’s called as a complete app!

One of the most impressive feature according to us is it can answer your queries like how many messages or miscalls have been made in a particular time. Currently the Friday App is on Alpha testing and thus for invites only. You can register yourself for an invite by visiting the website of Friday App. The application can be used by any Android user using mobile having Android 2.1 or any other higher versions.

Here are few questions we liked, which can be answered by Friday app:

  • Who called me when I was in theatre last week?
  • Where was I when my cell was switched off due to low battery?

Let us now see how to use it.

1. After downloading the application, the first step is to create a password. Since it stores all the tracked data, you have to create a password to protect it from prying eyes of your friends or any other person.

2. Once you do this, the application will start recording all your activity, which includes all the said data and mobile activities.

3. Next time when you start the Friday App again, it will show all the activity organized according to dates or your questions.

4. The application will even keep track of music you played, photos captured by you, places you visited and so on.

5. The application can even present you the statistics by studying the data like “Who is your favorite contact?” or “Where have you spend most of your time in NY?”

6. You can choose settings as per your wish and thus this handy app gives you the unprecedented control over your mobile and in turn on your life.



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