Get Metro Look For Your Android Smartphone Using Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme



Get Metro Look For Your Android Smartphone Using Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme

Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme

As an upcoming operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 is already making the news. No other operating system has kind of unique look that Windows 8 possesses, leave alone other features. Having released Beta version already, Microsoft is all geared up towards releasing this stunning operating system by the end of this year.

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While Microsoft has brought Windows 8 for PC , it introduced Windows Phone 7 last year to the mobile world which got instantly hailed by critics and fans alike, all thanks to its freshness and new look. But Android has an upper hand in competition when it’s concerned with apps availability. Android has millions of apps hosted on Google Play which no other operating system market has achieved yet but still, I feel Android can’t beat Windows Phone 7’s look.

If you are an Android user and still wants to have a Windows 8 look, this app is just ideal for you. Well, this app won’t actually turn your UI into Windows 8’s metro UI neither it will give you the ribbon interface but you will get near identical look for sure.

Android is capable of running custom launchers and certainly it’s a plus point. Launchers or home-screen replacements are the apps that allow users to customize their home screen. When home button is pressed, these Launcher apps are executed first after which home screen is presented. So in simple words, Launchers allow users to alter the look of their operating system screen and Android being an open source OS, there are multiple options available.

Sorry, I got stretched a little bit while explaining; let’s get back to the topic. Windows 8 Go Launcher Theme is one such launcher which customizes your Android home screen to make it look like Windows 8 UI. As said earlier it’s not the best, but certainly it’s worth a try. This free theme will transform you icons and backgrounds similar to Windows 8 new Metro UI.

If you want to use this theme then you might want to check if the Go Launcher is installed on your Android smartphone. If it is, then installing Windows 8 Go Launcher theme is just a minute’s matter. All you need to do is download the theme (link given below) and press the menu button while on the screen to select “Theme” option. Inside theme option, you can select the theme of your choice and install it (In our case it’s Windows 8 Go Launcher theme) and apply it.


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